Andhra Mess Menu(Dine-In)


Tomato Soup$3.00

Fresh and Tangy taste of this tomato soup made up of with all fresh ingridients

Mutton Soup$5.00

Home style soup cooked with spices & goat meat [Bone-In]

Chicken Pepper Soup$4.00

Home style soup cooked with spices & Chicken

Hot & Sour Soup (Veg/Non-Veg)$3.00/$4.00

The hot and sour vegetable soup recipe consists of veggies and Chinese sauces that gives the yummy taste!

Coriander soup $3.00

This boosts your natural immunity, and including vitamin C rich foods in your diet

Sweet Corn Soup(Veg/Non-Veg)$3.00/$4.00

Delicious sweet corn soup prepared with goodness of veggies and corn

Veg Appetizers

Samosa (2 pcs)$5.00

Fried pastry stuffed with spiced potato & green peas

Masala Garelu (4 pcs) $6.00

Deep fried spice mixed lentil dough

Mirapakaya Bajji (4 pcs) $6.00

Deep fried jalapenos chilies stuffed with a delicious filling

Chilli Paneer$10.00

Hot and Spicy Asian Style Cottage Cheese cubes

Gobi 65 $9.00

Marinated cauliflower deep fried with spices

Manchurian(Veg/Baby Corn/Gobi)$10.00

Veg balls deep fried /Baby Corn/Gobi laussed in Manchurian sauce.

Punugulu $6.00

Rice & Lentil dumpling, specialty of Andhra cuisine

Vulligadda Pakoda$6.00

Sliced onion & spices in gram flour batter & deep fried

Paneer Vepudu $10.00

Paneer shallow fried with special spices

Mushroom 65 $9.00

Mushroom coated with spices and deep fried

Garelu (Medhu Vada) (2 pcs)$5.00

Deep fried black gram lentil dumbling, served with Chutney

Non Veg Appetizers

Masala Omelette/Half Boil $5.00

Eggs cooked with onion and flavorful spices

Kodi Vepudu $10.00

Chicken fry made with authentic Andhra special spices

Chicken 65 $9.00

Deep Fried marinated boneless chicken with in-house spices

Karevepaku Kodi$10.00

Karevepaku Kodi made of with curry leaves and special spices

Chicken Lolipop (5 pcs) $10.00

Deep fried marinated bone-in chicken wings with spices.

Miriyalu Kodi $10.00

Boneless chicken cooked with black pepper and spices

Chicken Manchurian$10.00

Boneless chicken cooked with Manchurian sauce

Natu Kodi Vepudu $12.00

Country chicken cooked with In-House spices

Kaju Kodi $10.00

Chicken cooked with cashew nut and spices

Andhra Mess Signature Specials

Chilli Chicken$10.00

Deep fried baby corn seasoned with spices

Madurai Mutton Sukka$13.00

Goat meat cooked with roasted spices

Chilli Fish$11.00

Tasty and spicy dish with sauces..

Andhra Royyala Vepudu $12.00

Andhra special shrimp fry made with spices.

Nethallu 65 $9.00

Fried anchovies coated in spicy masala.

King Fish Fry (2 pcs)$9.00

Marinated shallow fried king mackerel fish.

Brain Fry $14.00

Goat brain meat cooked with authentic spices & herbs.

Miriyalu Mamsam$13.00

Boneless Goat meat cooked with black pepper and spices

Rayalaseema Chepala Grilled$11.00

Weekends Only (check availability).

Chili Shrimp $12.00

Shrimp cooked with Chili and Bell pepper and in house sauce.

Chepala Vepudu$9.00

Fish fry sauteedd with spices and herbs.

Chicken Nuggets (10 Pieces)$7.00

Deep fried chicken nuggets tastes yummy


Paneer Tikka $12.00

Marinated Paneer with spices cooked in clay oven.

Tangdi Kabab $11.00

Marinated chicken cooked with Special Chef Sauce.

Mutton Kabab$14.00

Minced goat meat marinated in spices & cooked on skewers in clay oven

Tandoori Platter$14.00

A variety of mix Tandoori special Platter

Murg Malai$11.00

Chicken wings marinated in in-house sauce and grilled.

Chicken Tikka $11.00

Marinated Chicken with spices cooked in clay oven.

Tandoori Chicken $11.00

Marinated chicken in tandoori Spices & cooked in clay oven.

South Indian Tiffin

Sambar Vada(2pcs)$6.00

Deep fried black gram lentill drimpilling soaked in sambar.


Streamed rice & lentil drimpillings.

Andhra Chilli Idli $9.00

Cubed Idlis seasoned & saulted with chilli,spices and herbs.

Plain Dosa$8.00

Thin crepe made with fermented rice lentil butter.

Masala Dosa$9.00

Dosa stuffed with potatoes,onions,green chilli and spices.

Rayalaseema Karam Dosa$10.00

Dosa layered with red spicy chutney & lentil powder.

Pesarattu Dosa$9.00

Whole green gram lentil (moong dal) dosa.

Paneer Dosa$9.00

Crispy dosa stuffed with a crumbled spicy cottage cheese.

Uttapam $9.00

Rice & lentil pancake topped with choice of vegetables.

Chole Poori $9.00

Poori Served with Chole gravy.

Mini Idli (6pcs)$7.00

Idli’s soaked in Sambar.

Andhra Fried Idli $9.00

Cubed Idlis seasoned with spices and herbs

Ghee Roast$9.00

Crispy dosa spread with generous portion of clarified butter.

Rayalaseema spring Dosa$10.00

Dosa topped with spicy vegetable filling.

Kadapa Karam Masala Dosa$10.00

Dosa layered with besan & spicy chutnies.

Pesarattu dosa with Upma$10.00

Whole green gram lentil (moong dal) dosa stuffed with upma.

Rava Dosa$10.00

Crispy Rava & Onion crepes.

Poori Masala $9.00

Deep fried wheat bread served with potato masala.

Chole Bhatura$9.00

chickpeas curry served with fried bread.

Chilli Parota $9.00

Crispy Fried Paratha tossed in chef sauce.

Veg Entrees

Gogura Pappu(Gongura Dhal)$11.00

Dal cooked with tasty Gongura leaves.

Gutti Vankaya Kura(Egg Plant Curry) $12.00

Stuffed EggPlant soaked in spicy in house sauce.

Dal Tadka$10.00

cooked lentil gravy tempered with spices & clarified butter.

Malai Kofta $12.00

Deep fried paneer & vegetable dumplings in rich creamy gravy.

Mushroom Masala$12.00

Mushrooms in spicy gravy prepared in Andhra Style.

Aloo Gobhi$11.00

Stirfry Potato and califlower cooked with in house spices.

Chole Bhindi(Chole Okra Curry)$11.00

Chickpeas Cooked along with Bindi in tamarind & Spices.

Dosakaya Pappu$11.00

Andhra style yellow cucumber dal.

Dondakaya Iguru(Tindora Curry)$11.00

Semi gravy tindora curry cooked with spices and coconut.

Majjiga Pulusu$10.00

Spiced butter milk tempered with okra and spices.

Kuragayala Kurma(Veg Kurma) $11.00

Mix Veg Curry cooked with coconut and in house spices.

Palak Paneer$12.00

Cottage cheese cubes cooked in a smooth spinach sauce.

Chole Masala$9.00

Chicken gravy made with house sause.

Chicken Entrées

Kodi Guddu Iguru (Egg Masala )$11.00

Egg cooked with onion and tomato gravy.

Gongura Kodi Curry$12.00

Chicken cooked with tangy gongura leaves.

Natu Kodi Pulusu$12.00

Country chicken cooked with in house gravy.

Chicken Mughlai$12.00

Chicken cooked with exotic spices and nuts.

Karivepaku Kodi Kura$12.00

Delectable combo of fresh curry leaves and chicken.

Guntur Kodi Kura$12.00

Chicken cooked in house sauce.

Pachi Mirapakaya Kodi Kura (Green Chiili Chicken)$12.00

Chicken cooked in super spicy green chilli sauce.

Chicken Tikka Masala $12.00

Boneless chicken cooked in spiced creamy tomato sauce.

Kadai Chicken$12.00

Chicken cooked with onions, capsicum & freshly ground spices.

Kodi Guddu Pulusu ( Egg Curry )$11.00

Authentic andhra home made special dish in a tangy sauce.

Mutton Entrées

Mamsam Kheema Kura$14.00

Minced mutton meat curry prepared in Andhra style.

Andhra Mamsam Iguru $14.00

Goat meat cooked with andhra chilli and spices.

Gongura Mamsam $15.00

Mutton curry cooked with gongura or red sorrel leaves.

Mamsam Pulusu $14.00

Mutton Gravy cooked in tamarind sauce

Seafood Entrees

Bommidayala Pulusu$13.00

Channa Marulius fish in spicy gravy.

Chepala Pulusu $12.00

FIsh gravy cooked in tamarind sauce.

Peethala Iguru $13.00

Crab curry cooked with in house spices.

Royyala Iguru$13.00

Shrimp gravy prepared in sautéed onions & in house spices.

Munakkaya Royyala Iguru $14.00

Shrimp curry cooked with Drumstick

Rice & Biryani

Jeera Rice$5.00

Cooked Basmati Rice tempered in ghee with cumin.

Hyderabadi Veg Dum Biriyani$11.00

Veg Biriyani prepared in authentic Dum style.

Hyderabadi Chicken Dum Biriyani$12.00

Chicken Biriyani prepared in authentic dum style..

Hyderabadi Mutton Dum Biriyani$12.00

Mutton Biriyani prepared in authentic dum style.

Shrimp Biryani$14.00

Dum Biryani made with Shrimp & Spices.

Kodi Vepudu Biriyani $13.00

Chicken fry biryani

Natu Kodi with Pulav $14

Country chicken fry biryani.Country chicken cooked in traditional andhra style and served with pulav.

Kheema Biriyani$13

Biriyani with minced mutton

Goat Fry Biriyani or Rajugari Pulav (Veg/Chk/Goat)$12/13/14

Biriyani with minced mutton/chicken

Perugu Annam $08.00

Yogurt mixed cooked rice tempered with spices & curry leaves.

Egg Biryani $12.00

Dum Biryani served with Egg

Paneer Biryani $12.00

Biryani cooked with Paneer

Vijayawada Boneless Chicken Biriyani$13.00

Boneless chicken biryani prepared in authentic andhra style.

Avakai Biriyani (Veg/Chk/Goat)$12/$13/$14

Chicken biryani cooked with mild flavors of mango.

Ulavucharu Biryani $11/$12/$13

Biriyani with the amazing flavor of horse-gram.

Kaju Kodi Biriyani $13.00

Kaju Chicken fry biryani

Mamsam Fry Biriyani $14.00

Kaju Minced Goat Fry Biriyani


Naan (Plain/Butter)$2.5

Indian bread baked in clay oven.

Garlic Naan$3.00

Traditional Indian bread with garlic baked in clay oven.


Stuffed Naan. Choice of Onion/Paneer/Gobi/Aloo/Cheese.

Malabar Parotta(2 pcs)$4.00

Layered flaky bread.Weekends Only (check availability). 15% Gratuity added to parties of 5 or more

Bullet Naan $3.00

Indian bread stuffed with Green Chilly baked in clay oven.

Chapati / Phulka $3.00

Whole wheat flat bread.

Tandoori Roti $2.5

Whole wheat flat bread baked in clay oven.

Kheema Naan$4.00

Indian Stuffed with minced goat meat cooked in Clay Oven

Indo Chinese

Andhra Veg Fried Rice$9.00

Cooked rice sautéed with vegetables & in house sauce.

Andhra Veg Fried Rice$10.00

Cooked rice sautéed with egg,vegetables & in house sauce.

Andhra Chicken Fried Rice$11.00

Cooked rice sauteed with Chicken & in house sauce. Andhra Spicy Chicken Noodles 11

Andhra Shrimp Fried Rice$12.00

Cooked rice sauteed with shrimps & in house sauce.

Andhra Spicy Veg Noodles $9.00

Noodles sauteed with vegetables & in house sauce.

Andhra Spicy Egg Noodles$10.00

Noodles sauteedd with egg,vegetables & in house sauce.

Andhra Spicy Chicken Noodles$11.00

Noodles sautéeedd with chicken & in house sauce.

Andhra Spicy Shrimp Noodles $12.00

Noodles sauteed with shrimp & in house sauce.



white cooked rice

Masala Papad (2 Layer)$4.00

Papad with blended spices

Green Salad$6.00

consists of fresh greens &vegetables


Fresh cured with special toppings


Gulab Jamun$4.00

Sweet dish with sugar syrup tastes yummy

Home Made Kulfi$4.00

Sweet made up of with malai

Khubani Ka Meetha$4.00

Sweet made up of with apricots

Ice Creams $3/5

Pista Almond/Kesar,Pista/Malai Kulfi/Falooda Regular,Vanilla/ Chocolate/Cookies &Cream/Strawberry ( 1 or 2 Scoop )

Gulab Jamun (With Ice cream)$5.00

Gulab Jamun served with Ice cream

Chefs Special Sweets $5.00

Chefs made special sweets

Khubani Ka Meetha with Icecream$5.00

Special sweet made of with apricots & served with Ice cream

Rasmalai (3 pcs)$4.00

Special sweet made with milk and some special items






Masala Tea$3.00

Tea with special spices


Original/Malai/Kesar Pista/Pistachio Almond. Weekends Only (check availability). 15% Gratuity added to parties of 5 or more

Soft Drinks $2.5

Gulab Jamun sPepsi products / Sweet Tea / Peach Tea / Unsweetened Tea

Milk Shakes$4.00



Brewed Coffee with milk

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